Helpful Information

Our cattle are hormone, vaccine and antibiotic free. No harmful pesticides or chemicals are used on our farm nor have we ever used toxic sludge as fertilzer. They roam in the pasture during grazing months and are fed a high quality fermented baleage during the winter months.

All beef are processed at a federally inspected USDA facility. They are sold by the whole,  side or quarter and we also offer small packages.  You can choose to have it cut to your specifications (steaks, roasts, size of packaging, etc.) The cost for cutting to your specifications is $6.00 per pound based on the hanging weight or for $5.50 per lb. we complete cut instructions) We generally have sides of beef in the freezer ready for pick up at $5.50 per lb.

Quarters are also avaialbe by request. The quarters are mixed quarters, meaning you receive a quarter of beef with cuts from both the front and hind end of the animal. When purchasing a quarter the customer doesn’t have the option of having it cut to their specifications. We have quarters available with plenty of cuts and burger as well as the option of roasts or no roasts depending on what is preferred. The price is $5.50 per pound, hanging weight by the quarter beef.

Note: the finished cut weight will be 30 – 40% less than the hanging weight. Taking into account each animal finishes differently and depending on how you fill out your cut sheet and how much bone/ fat is discarded by the butcher will all play a factor in how the animal yields. For example, a side would weigh between 350 and 450 pounds and cost $1,980 at the 360 pound mark. This processed beef  with the hanging weight of 360 yielded 265 pounds (73%) of useable cuts. Generally, cuts are: 60% steaks, roasts, and stew and 40% ground beef.

 Beef packages are sold at a different price per lb. by the individual cut.