Farm History

White’s Farm was founded in 1947 by brothers Norman and Carl White. It began as a dairy farm and evolved into 100 plus acres of sweet corn and vegetables. Simultaneously, David White, Norman’s son, started a logging and firewood business. In the late 1980s, milk was being overproduced. Therefore the government instituted a buy-out program to reduce the dairy cow herds throughout the U.S. as a way to raise the price of milk. The White’s decided to participate in the buy-out and continued to raise vegetables and logged local woodlots. The Whites raised vegetables for over 20 years and cut firewood for 15 years, which evolved into a fully mechanized logging outfit.

In order to keep the fields from growing back to woods, the Whites bought a small herd of Hereford cattle from a local farmer. Over the years, White’s Farm has continued to purchase more beef cattle ranging from Hereford, Black Angus, and Blonde D’Aquitaine. White’s Farm is dedicated to raising its cows in the most natural way. By utilizing the rich soil and feeding the cattle only grass and balage (grass wrapped for winter storage becomes fermented and therefore more bio available), the cattle are healthy and happy. All the feed is harvested from the Whites’ own land and the cattle are free to graze the farm. They have access to two ponds for drinking and wading to cool in the hot sun. With over 50 head of cattle today, White’s Farm is dedicated to ensuring high quality of life, second-to-none standard of feed, and a healthy, happy life for the herd.

We currently have the fifth generation growing up on the family farm located in Shapleigh, Maine